Hey there! I’m Łukasz and I’m a software engineer. I’m currently working on the iOS platform at Droids On Roids.

I’m quite active in the Open Source community. I’m the core maintainer for libraries like Moya or SwiftyUserDefaults, but I also contributed to libraries like RxSwift, Quick, Danger, Swift Package Manager, Mapper, Permission, JASON and many more.

I also occasionally speak at meet ups or conferences.

Before this blog I wrote a few articles on our company blog - including RxSwift by Examples series - and a few articles on medium. Right now all the focus will be concentrated here.

This blog will be mostly about programming. There is a series for Open Source Adventures, where I will try to show you that you don’t have to be an expert to have fun in the OSS community. Apart from that, I have plans to make few tutorials and POVs on things like networking or architecture. If you find this interesting, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my RSS feed.

You can also reach me using e-mail, Twitter or GitHub.