I love to participate in local meet-ups and conferences. Sometimes I happen to speak at them as well. If I do speak at an event, it’s mainly about networking, architecture or Open Source. Ideally with live coding and cats!

Past talks

2.06.2018 - Mobile Fest (Kiev, Ukraine)
Topic: Let’s make your Data look sexy!

19.05.2018 - Wro Open Source (Wrocław, Poland)
Topic: Contributing 101

6.10.2017 - Mobiconf (Kraków, Poland)
Topic: Understanding Async Programming in Swift and it’s Trade-Offs
Slides, Video

22.06.2017 - Let Swift (Wrocław, Poland)
Topic: How to be a good librarian?

22.10.2016 - Mobilization (Łódź, Poland)
Topic: MVVM with Coordinators & RxSwift.
Slides, Video

23.06.2016 - Let Swift (Wrocław, Poland)
Topic: Flexible Networking in Swift

20.06.2016 - Mobile Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)
Topic: Flexible Networking in Swift
Slides, Video